Where Empath and Sensitive
Business Owners Come To
Heal, Transform And
Elevate their Existence.

Where Empath And Sensitive Business Owners Come To Heal, Transform And
Elevate their Existence.

Our 5 Step Healing Strategy is responsible for guiding 400+ Business Owners and Private Clients through transformative healing, enabling them to reclaim their inner strength and craft businesses and lives that resonate deeply with their true selves.

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15,000+ People Supported Globally

Learn the foundations of how to heal and thrive:

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My Story

My Story

In 2011, I took a leap of faith into overcoming my low self esteem and fear and began to set up my healing business, despite having no roadmap on what I needed to do. My journey was propelled by a deep belief in my mission to support and guide others to heal so they can be living the lives that they desire.

Alongside the challenges of being a single mum to two incredible children, I discovered my resilience and the power of shared energy in overcoming obstacles.

My personal healing odyssey birthed the 5 Spheres Framework, a holistic model that reflects the interconnectedness of our Physical, Emotional, Mental, Consciousness, and Core Selves. It was through this framework that I not only healed but also laid the foundations for my global online healing business.

Now, I dedicate myself to empowering others on their healing journeys, blending energy healing, nutritional advice, self healing techniques, hypnotherapy, and life coaching.

Our work together is more than just healing; it's a collective journey towards uncovering our true magnificence, guided by principles that transformed my life from the inside out.

No time for humble brags here—our journey has been all about real, hard-earned wins:

Transformative Healing: Achieved over 1,000+ healings, each a testament to the power of our holistic approach.

Framework Success: Launched the 5 Spheres Framework, revolutionising the healing journeys of countless individuals.

Remarkable Journeys: Guided Peter from a state of depression to one of joy, empowered Simone to reclaim her health and self-worth, and helped Charlie manage her chronic conditions with strength and resilience.

Global Reach: Our healing influence has touched 15,000 lives from all over the globe, creating a community of healing, empowered, and inspired individuals.

Each success story is a shared victory, celebrating the incredible transformations of those we've worked with.

"Transform your life for the better by committing to a plan and embracing the essential inner and outer work."

How will your life change as a result of working with me?

Θ You will experience profound personal and professional growth.

Θ You will clear past traumas and emotional blocks, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Θ Your confidence and self-awareness will increase, empowering you to make better decisions.

Θ You will develop a deeper connection with your true self and your purpose.

Θ You will feel more energised and capable of handling daily challenges.

Θ Your relationships will improve as you heal and grow.

Θ You will cultivate a positive mindset, allowing for greater success and happiness.

Θ You will gain practical tools and techniques for ongoing self-care and healing.

Θ You will feel supported and understood throughout your journey.

Θ Your overall well-being will improve, leading to a healthier and more vibrant life.

Θ You will unlock your full potential, achieving goals you once thought unattainable.

Θ You will embrace a life of intention, harmony, and profound awareness.

Why should you choose me as your guide on this journey?

Why should you choose me as your guide on this journey ?

360˚ package

I provide a 360˚ package that focuses on the Core Self, Physical, Mind, Emotional and Consciousness Spheres for wholistic healing.

Combined Resources

Pool together various information from a variety of different woosci sources; practical steps alongside energy processes, emotional regulation, and self awareness.

Grounded Approach

I offer a grounded approach to healing that incorporates the how to do it so you come away with practical and achievable solutions that will last you for life.

360˚ Package

I provide a 360˚ package that focuses on

The 5 Spheres of Core Self, Physical, Mind, Emotions, and Consciousness

Combined Resources

Pool together various information from a variety of different woo sci sources.

Grounded Approach

I offer a grounded approach to healing that incorporates the how to do it with practical and achievable steps.


you are a business owner who hasn't achieved their goals and dreams.

You are stuck in fear or worried about how to move forwards.

you in pain or suffering from trauma.

you have blocks that are holding you back.

you are fearful of being visible.

you don't feel safe.

old wounds and triggers are stopping you from taking action.

YOU ARE AT THE POINT OF wanting to grow your business.

YOU know there is a way through - YOU just don't know how.

YOU notice that can't do it by YOURselF.

YOU REALLY just need someone to show YOU the way.

you are ready for change.

You recognise the importance of investing in YOURSELF and your business


I can tune into your energy, guide you and support the actions needed to bring about your healing and thriving.

Together, we'll discover the steps necessary to embrace a life and business filled with health, confidence, and fulfilment.

Let’s connect and embark on your journey to your vibrant future.

Next Steps...

I'm look forward to connecting with you.

With my love and healing energy,